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Applying for Work Visa for Switzerland: Few pointers to consider

Visa for Switzerland

Working in Switzerland is on the wishlist for many. However, there are certain crucial aspects that one may want to consider to be gainfully employed here.


Although Switzerland is non-member of the EU, it is part of the EFTA. Therefore, it grants freedom of movement to the residents from EU/EFTA countries, for work without visa for three months that may be extended to six months, while looking for work. In this case, you must obtain a Swiss residence permit, for EU citizens (rules applicable are different for Croatian citizens

Seeking employment in Switzerland, therefore depends on whether you are or not an EU/EFTA citizen.



Non-EU/EFTA nationals will need to obtain a Switzerland work visa before coming to Switzerland. The first step is to have a job offer in hand from a Swiss employer, besides having a good educational qualification.

Family members of C settlement holders, students working for only certain hours a day, relatives of the Swiss residents can work with Swiss family visa.


  1. Step one: Have a work permit before visa is granted by the The Swiss Embassy in your home country
  2. Make an application for work visa with the embassy, with details that include proof of job, the CV and copies of educational and work qualifications along with the photocopy of your passport or valid travel ID.
  3. The Migration authority at the Canton level will contact the embassy for visa clearance.

The visa application usually takes 8-10 weeks for end-to-end processing. The visa costs CHF 88 that can be fast-tracked by paying an additional amount up to 50%. The visa is valid for one to five years.


After ten years of residing in Switzerland (five years if you are from EU/EFTA, the United States or Canada) om the EU/EFTA, the United States, or Canada), a settlement permit may be applied for if one desires to.


End to end processes for getting valid work permit


The Immigration office at the Canton level maintains track for the Swiss permits before you arrive in Switzerland. The office will issue your permit before your start working for your employer no later than 14 days of your arrival at Switzerland.


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