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Consular Services for Corporations

Corporations having their presence abroad, have to deal with the local authorities, consulates and immigration officers for a number of issues ranging from work permit and business visa, or for necessary permits for expansion. This often entails formalities, paperwork and liaising with the statutory authorities and regulatory bodies. In order to make it easier for Corporations, Accutor provides a broad spectrum of Consular services for Corporations, which include:

(1) Legal and Notary Services: where authentications of documents are required, Accutor can provide quick, hassle free and cost effective Notary services to Corporations. With our access to notary publics in Switzerland, United Kingdom and Germany, Corporations can avail of our Notary Services to administer oaths and affirmations and authenticate the execution of corporate documents.

Likewise, we have tie up with legal professionals in over 60 countries worldwide, who can assist Corporations in Consulting, litigation and drafting of necessary documents. Accutor can also provide assistance to Corporations in serving notices to defendants staying abroad.

(2) Advisory and Liaising services: getting the right permit and business visa requires liaising with the immigration authorities and regulatory bodies. Since this is process driven, requiring meticulous paperwork, we assist Corporations in completing the formalities, answering the queries raised by the statutory bodies.

(3) Apostille Services or Legalization: for Corporations wishing to expand to foreign shores, production and legalization of documents is vital. Accutor’s services for legalization ensures apostille certification for personal or official documents that can be issued through consular legalization for its use in Switzerland, Germany or UK. Accutor facilitates processing of such documents, which require legalization, by presenting it at the respective Embassy, furnishing the necessary details and liaising with the authorities, if required. Corporations who need to confirm/fill temporary assignments can approach Accutor for assistance, who in turn will approach the respective Embassy, Chamber of Commerce or Consulate to get the documents signed, sealed and stamped as genuine.

Consular Services for IPR-
Trademarks, Patents and Copyrights

Accutor provides specialist legal services for Corporations that includes advise and consultancy in Intellectual Property matters across 60 countries across the globe coming under the scope of WIPO. Where Corporations have to file applications for registration, search or litigation for protection of IPR rights of Corporations, Accutor provides efficient, prompt and quick services in this regard. Accutor provides specialist legal services for a number of Corporations across sectors with clients including Fortune 500 companies.

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