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Consular Services for Individuals

Individuals and freelance contractors travelling to other countries on work are required to furnish relevant documents including work permit or business visa and other immigration requirements. These duties are performed in close collaboration with the embassies, consulates and high commissions of the respective countries. Needless to mention, such consular services are often process driven, requiring lot of paperwork and liaison.
At Accutor, we provide a full range of consular services for contractors and individuals wanting to work abroad, including facilitation of necessary permits for entry, visa agreements, logistical support and liaison with authorities and stakeholders.

Notary Services: we offer quick and efficient notary services for the purpose of authentication of documents. With a strong focus in Switzerland, UK and Germany, the services can be availed by contractors working in (i) Switzerland under Accutor’s Swiss labour leasing license, as well as Swiss Freelancers working abroad, (ii) UK Contractors, who have secured assignment overseas and (iii) Freelancers/contractors, working under solution with labour license in Germany.

Apostille Services (legalization service): for documents, that require Apostille Certification, Accutor provides embassy legalization and Apostille services to customers, by processing documents at the appropriate authority, such as, for example, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in UK. The application for Work permits or business visa is signed, sealed and stamped to confirm the authenticity of document.

Legal Services: Accutor provides a host of legal services for individuals across 60 countries worldwide, which includes:
(i) Assistance by providing a list of local lawyers or Law commissions, who the contractors can get in touch with during the stay in the country.
(ii) Accutor can facilitate serving of legal summons on defendants staying abroad.
(iii) Collaboration with the lawyers and advocates for purpose of litigation or legal correspondence.

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