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Contract Management for Recruiters

As a recruitment agency, you are often straddling between the requirements of the company and talent acquisition. This consistently involves the responsibilities of creation and implementation of contracts at every stage in order to avoid discrepancies as well as to streamline work flow. Accutor provides Contract Management and legal services for Recruitment Companies through its team of lawyers and financial experts and therefore, facilitates better working relationship between the parties.

Contract Management services by Accutor

While the recruitment agencies are on a constant hunt for talent, the rates for qualified contractors continue to increase; thereby leading to the rise of “super contractors”. Further paperwork and legislation changes can create hassles. Some of the issues include:

  • Negotiation of rates.
  • Adherence to fiscal laws and tax regulations for agencies offering PAYE services.
  • Contractual obligations and rights of the parties.
  • Employee rights and employer obligations.
  • Payroll and tax administration.
  • Advice on Labour laws and employment regulations.

Accutor, through its team of qualified lawyers and financial experts can assist in the Contract Management and understanding the legalities of documentation in the following ways:
(i) Creation and implementation of contract: drafting and execution of Contracts, which meet the requirements of all parties involved.
(ii) Negotiation in case of any discrepancy and drawing out a contract that is beneficial to both parties.
(iii) Timely advice relating to employment and labour laws: any unprecedented changes can affect the nature of the business. Timely advice can avert undesirable results and will not cause hindrance to the work in hand.
(iv) Updating clients regarding tax and timely advice on its impact on business.
(v) Payroll Assistance: clarity in relation to employer contribution and employee costs along with tax planning.
(vi) Dispute resolution: mediating between the parties in case of failure to realize contractual obligations.

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