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Contract Management for Corporations

Corporations, in comparison to employees, clients and customers have greater responsibilities to perform, which have to meet the regulatory requirements and laws of the state. Hence, effective Contract Management with assistance from legal and tax experts is vital to avoid future uncertainties and litigations. While Corporations can focus on the core business, Accutor can assist you with Contract Management for better functioning of your organization.

Accutor’s Contract Management
Services for Corporations

The issues faced by Corporations are multi-fold, ranging from labour and employment management to work permit, vendor and client contracts and taxation issues. Besides, the mandatory requirements involve complex paperwork, which necessitates the need to take assistance from qualified personnel.
Common issues faced by Corporations relate to:

  • The changing legislations, that can affect the business.
  • Political and economic developments, that can influence the business.
  • Labour and Employment laws, affecting their employees.
  • Contractual obligations between clients, vendors and suppliers.
  • Payroll and taxation matters.
  • Work permit and visa requirement for employees.

Contract Management is now an easily manageable task with the help of Accutor. Our efficient team of qualified law professionals and tax consultants can provide assistance to your Corporation in one or more of the following ways:
(i) End to end Contract management services including Contract creation, implementation and negotiation: drawing up the terms of contract in accordance with the legal requirements, implementation and negotiation between the parties in case of any discrepancy as regards the terms of the contract,
(ii) Permit and visa requirements: relocation services involving applying for an employment visa and work permits,
(iii) Communicating the changes in the law and legislations that can have direct impact on the business or affect the employer costs and employee contribution,
(iv) Payroll services including tax administration and tax management,
(v) Resolution of disputes through Alternative Dispute Resolution Methods including Arbitration, mediation and negotiating between the parties.

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