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Energy & Utilities

The last two years have borne witness to significant changes in the Energy & Utilities sector, with:

  • The fall in oil prices leading upstream and downstream operators to look for ways to increase efficiency and reduce costs.
  • The cost of solar power generation reaching near - grid parity.
  • Innovations in smart grid technologies and IoT presenting compelling RoI cases to justify OpEx by power companies.
  • The fall - out of the Fukushima disaster being increasing opposition to nuclear power generation.
  • A stronger push away from Coal by World powers prompted by UN climate change commitments
  • Innovations in shale extraction tilting the balance of net energy importers and exporters.
  • Large Oil & Gas discoveries in Africa creating new (potentially major) Energy clusters.
  • The emergence of Big Data and Analytics as a driver of cost - reduction and value - creation across Energy & Utilities.

Accutor's value proposition to (i) Corporations with activities in, (ii) Agencies that recruit in and (iii) Contractors that work in the Energy sector is:

We can help you be globally mobile via our 60+ Accutor Management Companies, as well as Accutor Work Permit & Business Visa Services and Accutor Immigration Consultancy Services.
We can increase the take - home pay of high - earners in the Energy & Utilities sector via Accutor Tax Optimization Services.
Our team includes individuals who have had a specific and special interest in Energy & Utilities - we take pride in our deep understanding of the sector around the world.

So, whether you are (i) a HR executive in an E&P Corporation looking for a specialist firm that can liaise with you to standardise processes and reduce exposure to risk, (ii) a Recruiter who wants a trusted partner to satisfy regulations and fulfil processes, in order that you can focus on placing Energy & Utilities domain and technology experts more quickly and more frequently, or (iii) a Contractor looking for a long - term payroll and management company solution to ensure maximum take - home pay and regulatory compliance... Contact Accutor today and let us help you to focus on life, work and success!

Sub Verticals Served

  • Oil & Gas
  • Renewable Energy
  • Mining & Resources
  • Gas Distribution
  • Electricity Generation
  • Electricity Transmission & Distribution
  • Smart Grids & Metering
  • Water & Waste

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