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We have in-depth local knowledge and many years of experience in tax, social security and contract management work which enables us to minimise your outgoing expenses and maximise your take-home pay.
No, Accutor can help with your contract, tax and social security affairs whether you are working abroad on a short-, medium- or long-term contract.
Everyone’s situation is different, so we don’t deal in “one- size-fits-all” packages. We work with you to guide you to the solution that provides the best fit for your individual situation. Once we agree a course of action we manage your tax and social security affairs accordingly.
If you have been offered a contract, or have already agreed your contract but have yet to sign any legal documents, please contact us as soon as possible to find out what you must do to ensure that appropriate terms are included and get a head start on your financial planning.
We work closely with experienced local specialists who are well-versed in work permit requirements and application processes for all major European countries.
We work on a transparent fee calculations basis. We agree our fee with you from the outset and there are no hidden extras. Our fee structure is very competitive and there are no charges for early contract terminations.
Yes. We process the timesheets (or equivalent) in agreed format, we invoice the agency, collect the payment and then initiate transfers to the relevant contractors. Necessary is provided to you throughout this process so that you know where your affairs stand at any given moment.

Accutor adheres strictly to all local and international regulations. Our local partners, as well as in-house consultants and coordinators, have the right experience in local tax and contract law to ensure that all of our methodologies are up-to-date and legally compliant.

In some specific circumstances offshore accounts have a legitimate role to play in reducing tax liabilities for European contractors, however they can’t be used for hiding funds and avoiding tax in contravention with the law.

We have the ability to transfer funds in all major currencies, to most locations in the world.

Yes. We are familiar with various aspects of moving and working abroad, such as housing and healthcare provision and are happy to provide advice.

Yes, the majority of our new business is through word-of-mouth from existing contractors and agencies that enjoy working with us and pass the word to their friends and colleagues. We operate in most European countries, providing tax and contract management services to clients in all regions. Contact us for more information about our referrals program.

No, every incoming call is taken by a friendly in-house team member with the knowledge and expertise to field all enquiries appropriately.

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