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International Relocation Consultancy

• Once you have general questions concerning a cross-border assignment or project ‘inbound and outbound’ within EU/EFTA;
• Once you would like to take up an appropriate mobilisation solution (as an employee, assignee or consultant) within EU/EFTA;
Accutor will help and care about compliance and integration of your assignees in the posting country. Our role is to review and combine between immigration regulation and tax & social security in order to mitigate risks of incomplaince and to be in line with the local regulations.

We’ll be your partner working with your internal HR department, providing an advice to choose an assignment option by reviewing on work permit categories, timeline of assignment, tax and social security benefits, budget plan to ensure that we can reduce unnecessary expenses of each assignee’s mobilisation.

Acting as a focal point of your assignee in the assignment country, we’ll advise your employee on the integration requirement to ensure that your assignee will not face any issues after arrival in the assignment country.

Accutor assists your assignee in communication with respective local authorities upon arrival, such as the immigration office, tax and social security office, local registry office, if necessary, we will be acting as his/her legal representative.

We’ll assist you to conduct a budget plan evaluation for mobilisation project of your assignee, comparing with local market prices (accommodation, flight, temporary accommodation, house hunting trip, orientation presentation, allocation allowance, tax and social security benefits, language course, etc.).

Additionally, Accutor will assist your assignee in getting a marriage entry visa, family reunion visa, student visa and business visa. Foreign residents will be assisted to prepare a naturalisation application and facilitated permanent permit application.
A legal support is at service to the assignees in immigration litigation cases, such as regarding marriage application, resident permit revocation and some other issues.

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