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Legal Services for Recruiters/Agencies

Recruiters/Agencies perform a wide array of functions that involve a number of legal consequences across various operational areas. Accutor, provides specialist legal services for Recruiters/Agencies with the help of well organized approaches mechanisms and thorough tailored legal research.

Legal Support of Commercial and
Operational Activity

Along with the Management Company Services, Payroll Solutions and Immigration & Consular Consultancy, the legal team at Accutor also can provide the Recruiter/Agency or its clients with:
  • Company Registration: Accutor provides assistance for registration for companies including partnership firms, joint stock companies or an LLC, depending on your business project needs.
  • Corporate work: state registration of corporate changes, ensuring necessary paperwork in place, minutes of General meeting of the shareholders, Board of Directors Resolutions, Standard Operations Procedures, policies.
  • Take over the interaction with your counterparties, including within the Contract Management services.
  • Organization of an efficient Procurement activity, support in tenders.
  • Assistance in opening of bank accounts and passing of compliance procedures.
  • Legal projects-based support to your business

Immigration and Employment:

The team at Accutor is well versed with the immigration, permit and visa formalities required to take up employment in the agreed location. For more information, please refer to Immigration & Consular Consultancy subsection.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR):

Arbitration, negotiation and mediation are most sought after methods of dispute resolution. Accutor acts as a “third party facilitator”, for organizing and planning the process of mediation between the parties.

Note: The role of Accutor is that of a Third party Facilitator, as distinguished from a Third party Director of proceedings.

Intellectual property Rights

The Legal Specialist team at Accutor provides consultancy in matters pertaining to Trademarks, Patents and Copyrights that are of particular significance to Recruitment agencies and Corporations as well.

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