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Management Company Services

Accutor Management Company works on the same lines as an “Umbrella Company” for individual contractors, recruitment agencies and corporations, albeit, with added benefits and advantages. We manage the portfolio relating to legal, accounting, and payroll as well as work out all the applicable taxes, taxable expenses, insurance in accordance with the federal laws and the respective Canton regulations.

Some of the noteworthy features of a Management Services Company include:

  • Providing full spectrum of services including accounting, legal services, payroll, monthly books, tax preparation and income tax preparation,
  • Legal entity set with the express objective to help Corporations and small businesses to manage the back-end work without having a team of their own,
  • Working closely with recruitment agencies and independent contractors so as to have direct access to talent acquisition and resource management,
  • Tailor made solutions for timely and accurate filings of business tax returns,
  • Financial planning including insurance services,
  • Once you, as a Corporation register with Accutor, all that is required of you to do is share the relevant data and timelines pertaining to your client, independent contractors or recruiters as the case may be. We on the other hand, provide assistance through our in house team of lawyers, tax experts and accountants.

As a part of our Management Company
proposition for you, Accutor can:

  • Raise invoices and collect payments in any of the locations where we have legal entities or payroll expertise,
  • Calculate and pay all the applicable taxes, social security, national insurance and contribution to solidarity fund,
  • Pay all the relevant administration costs,
  • Make pension contributions; both savings element and risk element (if applicable),
  • Extend legal expertise and tax consultancy wherever applicable.

For more information on our Payroll Services please refer to Payroll For Corporations section.

The Accutor Management
Company & Accutor
Corporation Payroll Services

As part of our Management Company value proposition, Accutor is responsible for making payroll processes:
For more information on their payroll services read Accutor Corporation Payroll Services.

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