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Manufacturing & Automotive

Globalisation has led to more complex and geographically dispersed supply chains in the manufacturing sector. Indeed, with the increase in the average hourly rate for labour in China, manufacturers are beginning to diversify the location of plants, whilst China itself has moved up the value - chain to join a fast - expanding list of countries that are keen to focus on innovation, rather than assembly. Furthermore, widening web - access has created a more demanding, quality conscious and price sensitive consumer class, which can be closer to manufacturers who "get it right"... Or quickly move away from producers with negative customer insights.

Specifically within the Automotive sector, the advent of more efficient fuel technologies is the precursor to a strong potential for long – lasting, quick and desirable battery – powered vehicles that may even be driverless… And built by non – traditional Automotive companies. Moreover, complex telematics and IoT have already put the Automotive sector at the forefront of digitisation in transportation.
The above has led to strong demand for personnel with specific skills that are in short supply overall and, perhaps, not always readily available in the locations where they are needed.

Accutor's value proposition to (i) Corporations with activities in, (ii) Agencies that recruit in and (iii) Contractors that work in the Manufacturing & Automotive sector is:

  • We can help you be globally mobile via our 60+ Accutor Management Companies, as well as Accutor Work Permit & Business Visa Services and Accutor Immigration Consultancy Services.
  • We can increase the take - home pay of high - earners in the Manufacturing & Automotive sector via Accutor Tax Optimization Services
  • Since we have a strong presence, language skills, qualified lawyers and tax consultants as well as Labour Leasing Licenses in advanced Manufacturing and Automotive economies, such as Germany, as well as in the fastest growing/ "emerging" Manufacturing nations, we are well placed to help you!

So, whether you are (i) a HR executive in a Manufacturing Corporation looking for a specialist firm that can liaise with you to standardise processes and reduce exposure to risk, (ii) a Recruiter who wants a trusted partner to satisfy regulations and fulfil processes, in order that you can focus on placing Manufacturing & Automotive domain and technology experts more quickly and more frequently, or (iii) a Contractor looking for a long - term payroll and management company solution to ensure maximum take - home pay and regulatory compliance... Contact Accutor today and let us help you to focus on life, work and success!

Sub Verticals Served

  • Aerospace & Defence
  • Automotive
  • Chemicals & Paper
  • Engineering
  • Hi - Tech Manufacturing
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Metals & Fabrication
  • Supply Chain & Distribution

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