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Options to Involve Resources

Corporations that are registered in a European country, with their presence in other countries, have a number of options to complete the work in hand as well as to ensure that the legal and tax compliances are taken care of. Opting to work with a Management Company, such as Accutor, is one of the most viable options given the multi-fold corporate responsibilities and complexities of corporate functions are concerned. A Corporation can therefore choose to engage the services of employees under the following work options:

  • Self employed option
  • Employed option
  • Personal Service Company option

Self Employed Option

In cases where the job requires an individual to work as independent contractor or where it is a financially viable model for a company to engage services of a contractor, Corporations can engage the services of Accutor for end to end services that include:

  • Sourcing independent contractors/freelancers and their placement at the appropriate company among the network of Management Companies,
  • Taking care of all the processes and securing of the work permit/business visa, whilst also advising the Corporations on the insurance, withholding deductions and obligations that the Corporations have to comply with,
  • Ensuring that the contracts and agreements are legally compliant,
  • Processing paperwork pertaining to insurance, pension, social security contributions and ensuring that the Corporation complies with all the legal formalities and effective payroll solutions are provided,
  • Liaising with the Financial Consultants to make payments for pension, social security etc., to respective authorities.

Employed Option

Corporations can engage the services of employees on temporary or permanent basis. These employees are now on the payroll and thereby entitled for all the benefits, reimbursements and salary withholdings. Accutor can assist such employees/clients in the following ways:

  • Accutor will assist the Corporation in the placement, providing payroll, tax and legal solutions.
  • Accutor will arrange necessary Work Permits/business Visas and sponsorships, whilst our in-house team of legal professionals will manage contracts/ensure compliances.
  • Accutor will process papers pertaining to insurance for the employees, that can be availed by the Corporations at discounted rates.
  • The Corporations will then forward timesheets and expenses to Accutor, which will in turn, confirm the timesheets and expenses.
  • Accutor will process forms and paperwork for taxes and insurance purpose that will help in efficient payroll management.
  • Accutor will assist in generating pay slips and calculation of net salaries based on the withholdings and deductions.

Personal Service Company Option

Accutor is a Management Company carrying out functions relating to taxation, legal, payroll, immigration and consular services et al. A corporation can engage the services of a Management Company. This helps to reduce costs on overheads, mitigates risk, brings efficiency in management, reduces paperwork and ensures legal compliance.

Here's how it works:

  • The Corporation signs a Consultancy Services Agreement with Accutor.
  • Accutor provides end-to-end solutions for a broad spectrum of services that it deals with.
  • The in-house team at Accutor ensures that all the Contracts and agreements are legally compliant.
  • Accutor’s tax experts ensure tax planning and provide efficient tax management solutions that can help in generating payroll solutions for Corporations.
  • Accutor Management Company will make payments such as pension, social security to relevant authorities as per the breakdown.
  • Accutor Management Company ensures the necessary communication and liaising with the authorities regarding the insurance and tax compliances.

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