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Payroll for Corporations

Corporations operating in Switzerland or wanting to establish businesses in Switzerland, have to comply with a whole host of regulatory requirements and legislative compliances. Rules regarding payroll and taxation vary depending on whether the employees are Swiss nationals, from the EU member states or foreign nationals. In each of these cases, some of the areas of concern include:

  • Individual income tax for employees,
  • Payroll tax,
  • Withholding tax,
  • Business tax,
  • Social insurance costs,
  • VAT tax.

While payroll management is an answer to all the above mentioned concerns, the burden of paper work and intricacies of regulations often eludes many Corporations. Engaging the services of a Payroll service partner such as Accutor has greater benefits for Corporations by way of the fact that compliance, tax and payroll issues are addressed effectively.

Accutor is an umbrella company and payroll service provider company offering efficient payroll administration for Corporations, individuals and recruitment agencies. With presence in over 60 countries and experience in broad sector specializations, Corporations can benefit from their tailor made solutions for payroll management as well as from a whole host of services including data protection, legal services and tax planning. Some of the benefits include:

  • Confidentiality, privacy in data handling under the provisions of Swiss data protection laws,
  • Full indemnification against compliance liability,
  • Hassle free and quick tax payments, avoidance of late fees; which in turn can translate to higher revenues,
  • Saves time and avoids burden of paper work and formalities,
  • Saves administrative burdens, fees for an accountant and therefore, is a Cost effective solutions for payment management for Corporations.

Accutor offers hassle-free payroll solutions at a reasonable price that saves a Corporation from an ordeal of managing wage payments, social security contributions etc. A local payroll company such as Accutor has the necessary wherewithal and technical know-how to ensure that the Corporations comply with all the payroll calculations, payment and filings as required under the Federal and Canton laws.

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