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Payroll for Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment agencies employing international workforce or employees have to comply with a whole host of payroll policies as per the local guidelines, failing which, they may face the risk of undesired legal hassles. Recruitment payroll essentially involves invoicing clients for recruitment process for the company as well as paying staff and temporary workers their salary. This entails adherence to fiscal laws, whereby, it is advisable for recruitment agencies to utilize the services of a management Company. Some of the areas where the recruitment agencies require assistance include:
- Tax calculations and Holiday accruals.
- Reimbursement of expenses and allowances such as travel and accommodation.
- Calculations and invoicing for permanent staff placement.
- Invoicing for employment of temporary staff.
- Collection and data management of Timesheet.

Accutor is a management company and payroll service provider for recruitment agencies, Corporations and individual contractors. Our primary objective is to provide seamless payroll management and complete bookkeeping for recruitment agencies that are in tune with the international rules and domestic laws. To put it in a nutshell, some of the advantages of hiring Accutor as your partner for payroll management include:

  • Providing complete 360° solutions for timesheet management and reporting.
  • End to end payroll management for temporary and permanent staff placement.
  • Processing and raising invoices to clients for the recruitment.
  • Confidentiality of data and data protection.
  • Customized software for better payroll management.

Accutor has been a pioneer in outsourced recruitment payroll management for recruitment agencies for over two decades. With its presence in over 60 countries, we ensure that all the processes are streamlined and are in compliance with the legislative rules, and policy regulations. While we manage the entire back office operations for your recruitment agency, we also provide a host of other services as well including legal and taxation services, visa and immigration services and securing permit for work force.

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