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Legal and Tax Consultancy

Working as an independent contractor in Switzerland attracts a unique set of challenges. One, for the reason being that, Switzerland is not a member of the European Union and second, due to its federal structure. The corporation taxes and personal income tax vary across the country as Switzerland does not have a centralized tax system, or uniform tax structure across the cantons. Effective payroll management plays a vital role in addressing taxation regulations and immigration issues governing the independent contractors, freelancers and consultants. Some of the common queries among independent contractors are:

  • What could be the easiest mode of payment to contractors and how to deal with prevailing remunerations?
  • How can contractors work abroad?
  • How can contractors manage tax and issue invoice to clients?
  • How can the employee payment systems be made more transparent?
  • Whether integration of accounting systems and taxation services make payroll management more efficient?
  • Which software program can be considered for accuracy in calculating taxes?
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Accutor AG has solutions for all those queries and more. As a renowned management company and pioneer in payroll services management, Accutor AG has been a natural choice for over 1,300 international contractors and freelancers, as well as the Fortune 2000 companies and global recruiters. The company has a proven track record of developing effective mechanism to resolve payroll issues of individual contractors through time-bound comprehensive analysis and resolute approach. The overall advantages of availing the “payroll management services” by Accutor AG are many; including,

  • Streamlining the obstacles and increasing the take home pay package
  • Efficient tax plans based on nationality, contract period, number of dependents etc.
  • Reduces paperwork for independent contractors
  • Transparency and regular updates on payroll schedule
  • Simplifying business management without creating any burden on the managerial capabilities of the contractors
  • Ensuring maximum salary retention and create greater employee satisfaction
  • Customization and tailor- made payroll services depending on the nature of business and employment infrastructure
  • On-time payments, direct deposits and customized payment schedule to avoid organizational discrepancies