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Tax Management for Independent Contractors

Tax planning has never been easy for Independent Contractors as they have to increase their tax efficiency by reducing their tax out goings as well as comply with tax laws and legal formalities on their own. Tax regimes offer possibilities for tax management, planning, structuring of income and availing tax planning options that can help in tax management. We at Accutor provide customized solutions for a comprehensive tax plan for individuals that are right for you. This way we ensure that you achieve your professional objectives as well as meet your legal compliances.

Developing strategy: we create customized tax plans depending on the nature of the job, scope for tax savings, tax credit, pension contribution etc.

Record keeping of earnings: at Accutor we maintain records by integrating financial and accounting functions with technology. Maintaining records of income and expenses on a year on year basis helps us estimate taxes and plan savings.

Implementation of tax regime, based on changing cycles: calculation of taxes based on the current tax regime, implementation in consideration with the changes in government and legislation.

Strategic tax planning: based on the individual goals and priorities and local tax regulations, we help in minimizing your tax liability in alignment with the tax regulations.

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Expatriate Tax and International Mobility

Accutor Helps in assessing whether the Contractors are liable under the provisions of the country of work or country of permanent residence.

In order to overcome the challenges of the tax implications for Contractors who are posted overseas, Accutor offers international tax consultancy, which:

  • Offers tailor made solutions to resolve issues pertaining to one assignee or multiple assignees.
  • Assists Contractors by giving consultancy (i) before shifting base, (ii) while working abroad, (iii) while planning to shift back or, (iv) after return.

Retirement planning and Investment
for Individual Contractors

For the globally mobile Independent Contractors and freelancers, who have little time to plan for their retirement, we at Accutor provide custom made retirement solutions and exclusive saving plans through long-term bonds, investment in primary and secondary markets etc. Our aim is to help you minimize your tax out goings during retirement by taking advantage of tax credits, deductions and exclusions provided under the tax laws.

Accutor provides these services to our existing clients who avail our Payroll Services & Management Company clients.

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