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Work Permits and Business Visas
Processing - For Individuals

Individuals belonging to the EU or European Free Trade Association(EFTA) can get a work permit in Switzerland for a period of three months, this can further be extended by another three months with a Special short term permit. For citizens belonging to other countries a number of pre-conditions need to be met to get an appropriate work permit and business visa.

Accutor is one of the pioneers in handling, facilitation and consultation of work permit and business visa processing for individuals, recruitment agencies and Corporations. With our experience of over two decades, Accutor has the necessary wherewithal and knowhow to maximize your chances in getting your Visa and permits submitted and approved. Our in-house legal experts specialize in immigration law and provide timely guidance and advice to individuals in matters pertaining to work permits and business visa.

As a result, Accutor are able to provide cost effective and prompt services in matters relating to Work permits and business visa. This includes the following services:

  • Consultancy and guidance on work permit/business visa processes across various jurisdictions.
  • Legal advice and consultancy in matters concerning business visa and work permits.
  • Sponsorship via our network of management companies across various countries. This service is particularly relevant for the “employed option” to be adapted by Corporations and individuals.
  • Facilitation and assistance in submission of details and applications relating to work permit and business visa and other consular support services.
  • Liaising with government agencies and other authorities for timely action and support.

As a part of its immigration services in matters relating to Work permit and business visa, Accutor provides full-fledged services for expatriates that includes: (i) expatriate taxation, (ii) global management companies, (iii) international payroll processing services, as well as, (iv) international contracts management, (v) legal services and (vi) immigration law consultancy.

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